06 September 2006

Just Thinking... Like I Was Taught (CS)

So I started school yesterday. Here I am, back at my alma mater, a Liberal Arts College. That's right folks, according to those on the Right I'm one of those brainwashed commie leftist students. Even worse, I go to NYU! I believe it was Michael Savage who called "kids" like me "diaper doper babies." Oh Dear! I'd be scared if it weren't all so ridiculous.

Maybe they're right, though. Maybe going through University does tend to skew one's politics one way or another, with the majority of Univsersity graduates winding up leaning to the left. But why is this?
Are we to rebell against higher education?
Is continued and in depth learning a bad thing?

The blame is palced mostly on the Professors. It is they who are the Left Leaning Intelligentsia, telling our students what to think and brainwashing entire generations of impressionable minds. But what does it say when the majority of the most learned individuals in our society, the ones knowledgeable enough to lead the highest level of intellectual discourse on various subjects, are also predominantly left of center or at least moderate in their politics?

Also, how are the pundits on the Right so certain that the professors are enforcing their politics in the calssroom? Have they been sitting in on my classes? Are they so certain there is no professionalism in the field of collegiate teaching? I can assure you there's more professionalism there than in the halls of Congress.

Finally, I know that thanks to my college education (from infamous NYU) I am armed with a better understanding of fellows like Aristotle, Locke, J.S. Mill, Bentham, Jefferson, Adams, Monroe.... yknow, the guys with the ideas that basically formed the foundation of our government and society when this country got up and running, out from under the thumb of George III. So I guess that makes me a radical leftist commie bastard.


Blogger Bridget said...

Whatup radical commie bastard (from one to another with lots o' love!). Thanks for stopping by my blog. And good luck with school!

9/08/2006 3:06 PM  

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