27 May 2006

Comics Roundup 5/27

--I went to see X-Men 3 with Team Movie Binge. It wasn't so great. Wasn't terrible either. Plenty of nods to geekery to make this one satisfied enough (Kitty Pryde, The Juggernaut (Bitch!), decent action). Just one thing sorta drove me really crazy. There's one scene where Jean Grey (Famke Jannsen) is all over Wolverine. It's pretty hot. But Wolverine turns her down. I don't care if she's crazy Dark Phoenix and your flesh is decomposing right off your damn body, you do not turn down Famke Jannsen. That makes two movies where Famke Jannsen is unrealistically turned away by a male lead character (the other being Rounders). Actually, it's three movies if you count that scene in X-Men 2 where Mystique is posing as her. I guess what I'm trying to say is.... Famke, I won't refuse you, baby.

--First Second is second to none for me. I've already purchased three of their spring releases (that's half their catalog!). I think even non-comics readers can enjoy A.L.I.E.E.E.N with it's bizarre and twisted humor or Vampire Loves with it's rambling and (relatively) true to life movement of story. And for those that are interested in the medium, I must recommend The Fate of The Artist.

--So Marvel's Civil War. I like and all... and I even think it's fairly realistic (as far as a world of superheroes can be realistic) that a Super-Hero Registration Act would be passed and that this would split the superhuman community in half. I thought for a moment about how, in a world of superheroics, supervillains, and general.... super... ness.... Anyway, in the Marvel Universe, it's ridiculous to think that you could get away with creating a superhero database that would not be hacked into by some evil super brain out there. They've already indicated as much in the latest issue of X-Factor. Now, it makes perfect sense that the government wouldn't realize this. As we all know, Congress lives on another planet all together. What doesn't make sense is that Reed Richards and Tony Stark, both of whom seem to have sided with the government, wouldn't realize this.

--Villains United (Secret Six) still going strong and kicking ass. Who woulda thought that this was the most fun thing to come out of Crisis?

--Let's check out some highlights from the latest ish of 52:

Justice has a sound effect... and it is "Splotch"

No, Booster, no!!! Just when I was defending you for not using your future tech for dickhead purposes, you go and wager on a team you knew was going to win??!?!? Haven't you ever seen Back To The Future?!??! Don't be a Biff!!!

I find it amusing that this issue featured a corporate exec getting arrested for fraud mere days before the Kenneth Lay guilty verdict. DC could not have possibly timed that on purpose.... Could they?

I already used my "Justice Has A Sound Effect" gag so.... got nothin. Still, YEHHH BLACK ADAM FUCKEN NIGGAS UP.

Next week in 52?
Question kicking some ass. I should think so!!! Far too little of that in this issue. I look forward to watching a guy with no face punching those who do... in theirs.


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I love these posts for the pretty pictures.

Splotch made me giggle.

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