21 May 2006

Another Week, Another $2.50 ($3.50 Can)

Another week of 52, folks. It's starting to sink in how amazing it will be if DC can actually pull this off. Keeping the schedule and making sure everything is in on time must be pretty insane and it's going to be tough for them to be vigilant about that for an entire year. Even harder, though, is that this title is going to have to put up with fanboy bitching on a weekly basis. I feel like I'd wind up one cranky creator if I had to put up with that. Once a month is enough.

This week was a bit more subtle on the dickery than last issue. Many of the characters were portrayed as quite unsure of themselves. Vulnerability is not a part of dickery. Quite the opposite, in fact. It takes a certain sense of self-asuredness to be a dick. Our "big dicks" this issue (pun sorta intended)? Ralph Dibney and The Question.
On to my favorite pages....

"America *hearts* Booster Gold!"

With hair as full and bodied as that, you can be damn sure we do.

Page 1
Ralph's doing his detective work at his wife's grave with a Polaroid (sweet!!) and gives us the classic "single tear."
Oh Ralph, you're so emo.

Page 3
The nose-wiggle. At first I thought he'd inexplicably grown whiskers. My bad.

Page 4
I like Doc Magnus. I'm down with anyone that will constantly have a pipe in his mouth. He seems kind of unsure of himself, which is endearing as I mentioned above. Also, loved his conversation with T.O. Morrow wand that's my guess for Grant Morrison's portion in this week's edition.

Page 12 thru 15
Looking through the window into Montoya's apartment we can see three emptied bottles of alcohol. Those are just the ones we can SEE. Rock.
A lot of people would say that The Question is a jerk for his intrusion, but truly... Who of us HASN'T walked in on two peacefully sleeping half naked lesbians seeking to leave them secret messages?
And hey lady, I don't care how many you've put back, you do not shoot at the Question. Gonna be really sorry about that.

Page 18 thru 20
Booster is shown as even more worried and vulnerable than last issue and yet still manages to save the day. They mention that luck wasn't a part of it. Damn right, all skillz, baby! It's no wonder that America loves this guy! And props to Skeets for helping out. He's not just a glorified PDA.
Page 21
Yakkin in the sink. Now that is a classy broad.

Page 22 thru 24

Told you that you'd be sorry....
The Question pours on the dickery, being all mysterious, making Montoya feel like an idiot, even smacking her around a little bit. He does pay her though (in what looks like Monoploy money).
And they have this amazing exchange:

The Question: So you are a detective after all.
Montoya: No, I'm not. I've got a new job, it's called being a drunk.

Would I be satisfied if they go all 52 weeks with Montoya making an "I'm an alcoholic joke" every issue? You betcha.

Page 27
In an issue mostly absent of dickery, the writers make sure Ralph pours it on here at the end. Berating a grieving girl, making assumptions and accusations even he knows probably aren't true. Parting his hair to the right.

Things to Come!
Power girl and her absurd bosom! Black Adam Fucken Niggas Up! (which is totally a miniseries waiting to happen)
And Lex Luthor!
You Can't Touch This

Super Secret Bonus!!!
The History of the DC Universe!!!!
Oh... wait.... It's just Donna Troy and tons of text. Thanks DC! Now I have something to do when I'm so bored that my only option is to balance my checkbook or take a nap!


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