18 May 2006

Iranians Have Moms Too (CS)

Right around Mother's Day I got into an argument of sorts with my mother (I know, I know... bad son). It was a silly argument though over nothing important... Just Iran. She's probably just worked up because she thinks I might wind up being sent off to war by Uncle Sam. Sometimes I worry the same. The difference between our points of view though is that she doesn't see it as mostly George W's fault. She places the blame squarely and almost solely on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

I tried making the argument, "Imagine being in Iran's shoes." Tried pointing out that taking shit from the West for decades has got to get old eventually. Even noted that people don't just follow someone as extreme as the Ayatollah and start taking hostages for no reason. We stood in the way of democracy and now we still pay the price. I'm not trying to be any sort of apologist for Ahmadinejad. No matter how much nationalist support you're trying to drum up, calling for the elimination of another country (Israel) is over the top and completely insane. But both The Economist and Brenden have pointed out (and when those two agree, watch out) that there are problems with being too aggressive with Iran and that, should push come to shove, it's economic sanctions that should be the answer. Bush Co. has shown no sign that they have a "cooler head" in these matters. At least Ahmadinejad wrote that little letter, for what it's worth.

The problem with Iran is intensified because President Bush has set such a frightening precedent with Iraq (once again, as Brendan has pointed out). Ahmadinejad is often criticized for his fiery rhetoric, but the United States government does much of the same and has continually maintained that violent response to Iran is always on the table. Sometimes they've even made a point of it. And after all, actions do speak louder than words and it's hard to argue for detente when the administration has already shown a willingness (a predilection, even) to run full speed ahead, eyes closed and guns blazing.

It's hard to imagine the current administration changing their ways on this, however. They've rarely if ever admitted a mistake and seem as blockheaded and stubborn as the people who still support them 100% in every decision they've made. Bush supporters will continue to argue (probably to their dying breath) that Bush did exactly what the country needed. That he was a strong leader and took action.

I'm prone to disagree (surprise!). What we needed then (and now, more than ever) is new solutions and ways of thinking. For the past 6 to 8 years, we've been hungering for creativity on the global (and domestic) stage. Instead we've gotten the same nonsense and bullheaded crap that it seems has prevailed over the large majority of history. As the Democratic Party flounders as it looks to find a new champion (will it be the rejuvinated Al Gore??) I recall the disillusionment I felt with the system in 2000 when I latched onto the Green Party - Ralph Nader campaign (don't worry folks, I wasn't a "spoiler"... I was too young to vote by a month).

When it finally comes time for new leadership will we actually be presented with anything new? Or will it be the same old story of choosing between a douche and a shit sandwich? When I presented this lament to mom she suggested that I run for office. Maybe she's crazy, but it was encouraging. That's just what moms do.


Anonymous AnnClaire said...

awwwww.... i'd vote for you criag! .... as long as I get a cabinate position.... or at least a position near the kitchen cabinates...secretary of cheetoe consumption.... ohhh baby.

5/18/2006 10:57 AM  
Blogger Craig said...

you're high, aren't you?

5/19/2006 12:18 PM  

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