10 May 2006

A Set of Open Letters to The City I Love and the People/Things That Inhabit It 5/10 (CS)

I'm considering making this a regular thing......

Dear New York City,

Thank you for tirelessly blowing shit in my eye on every windy day you provide. It is thanks to you that I am possibly developing a reputation as a teary eyed sentimental. Just when I think i've got all the specks dislodged from my eye, you come back with more. Someday I'll be blind and truly able to appreciate your faint scent of urine.
Be Seeing You Through Puddles In My Eyes,
Craig P. Savino

Dear Woman in the Bill Blass advertisement on the corner of 7th Ave and 40th Street,

I think you are pretty damn beautiful. The cute hair and the fair skin.... the fact that you're perched atop my comic book store is only a bonus. Would you like to go out sometime? I promise to still love you even if you're 25 feet tall and two dimensional in real life too.
Your Secret Admirer

Dear Dude in the Comic Book Store with His Music Turned Up So Loud That He Couldn't Hear Anyone Saying "excuse me" And Constantly Backed/Sidled Into People,

I probably would've called you a dick if i thought you could hear me.
--Your Fellow Comic Nerd

Dear B61,
Johnny on the spot today! Keep up the good work!