17 September 2006

Some Lazy Sunday Thoughts (CS)

Can we roundup all the illegal immigrants and cart them off? An example of what happened in one town is pretty interesting...

People say that the battle over whether torture methods and secret prisons should be allowed is coming to a head. So... Even if McCain wins this one, is anyone with me that the White House will probably be "Fuck all y'all" and just maintain more secret messed up crap like that?

The President is apparently going to make an about face on climate change and alternate energy policies. So does that mean that the people that blindly supported the crappy science saying climate change was a non-issue wind up with egg on their face? Oh, and that the President is probably going to make this "huge change" in his State of The Union reminds me of something... hmmm... oh yeh! Like the last time he had empty rhetoric in his State of the Union about alternate energy! Right! Show of hands, does anyone actually think he's serious about the apparently narrowing window for change?

Also, i was watching Clinton give a speech today (from 9/7/06 actually) and he was just so..... Human. Remember when we had a real human being in the white house who's secrets weren't actually even secrets apparently and even if they were they were really quite harmless to anyone who wasn't 1) The media or 2) An asshole (these groups not being mutually exclusive, of course)



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