24 October 2006

Holy Joe channels Tricky Dick (BR)
Mealy-mouthed megalomaniacs, both

Insanity, so goes the maxim, is the condition of repeating the same action and expecting a different result.

Sen. Joe Lieberman's (CfL-CT) doublespeak and hypocritical posturing on the Iraq War has bordered on intolerable for a couple of years now. But a new ad from the Lamont campaign ingeniously demonstrates the lunatic folly of Joe's latest rhetorical tack, that of reluctant warrior, by comparison with the second-worst president of the last 70 years:

If the Lamonties are reading this, listen up: Shorten this to a minute -- make sure to keep the Dick-to-Joe morph -- and spread this thick on TV from now 'til Election Day. Buy billboard space on I-91 and 95 and sandwich Joe's smug mug between Bush and Nixon, and tar him with their words. The only thing worse than a Richard Nixon or a George Bush is the kind of troll who would suck up to and thereby enable them, like Lieberman.

Vietnam was a monumental failure. It was a war America had no business involving itself in, and in which it sacrificed a great deal of its prestige and dignity in order to fend off a retreat that was inevitable anyway. The Commander-in-Chief has himself likened our morass in Iraq to Vietnam, but still, incredibly, fails to make the logical leap to considering withdrawal. And Joe is stupid enough to support this directionless meandering.

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