17 August 2005

The REAL Opiate of the People (CS)

We've been slacking, i know it. But here's an item i thought i'd throw up to try and get back into the swing of things.

Thailand (largely the Buddhist portion) has tried development aid, martial law, and even an airdrop of millions of paper birds (bizarre, kitschy, but i think kinda nice) to appease, subdue, and just generally stop the violence coming out of the Muslim provinces (I admittedly know very little about the issue and I even checked good ol' wikipedia to no avail).

But now they're pulling out the big guns..... Television. I actually think free cable TV works damn well to sedate a people and/or, when you're pumping in western television, as a means to get a people to reject autocratic rule (read: strict fundamentalist Muslim law). Or perhaps they intend simply to mindwipe an entire generation (and perhaps an entire people) by providing Bravo's new Battle of the Network Reality Stars.
Have I mentioned that i don't get cable TV?