09 August 2005

Paint the Planet (CS)

When it comes to the world of art, i'll be the first to admit that I don't know that much. I know what I like (and what i don't like). It takes me some time (or a decent explanation) to "figure out" most modern art.
I certainly don't have much of a grip of what's "new" in art, either. It does seem, however, that a lot of people i know are quite taken by this Bansky fellow. I first heard of him as the "British pensioner" who managed to hang up his own work alongside originals in The Museum of Natural History and the British Museum.

This guy certainly has some skill as an artist. He also has some skill at slipping in and out under the noses of authorities unnoticed. But it would take all that plus a real set of brass balls to pull off putting up the work he did on the West Bank barrier. I like what he did there a lot. Perhaps the people living there don't agree. Or perhaps they don't see the point. Or perhaps I don't see the point (as i've already admitted is apt to happen). But I think we can't deny giving the guy credit for managing to put up artwork on what was otherwise just an ugly, grey, mean wall at the risk of getting killed by the Isreali army... and coming away unscathed.

I wish graffitti weren't such an issue. It'd be nice to let some great grafitti artists loose to paint the town red... green... black.... you know what i mean. But i guess the defiance of authority and the norm is part of the fun. The art is in the act, they say. Either way, Kudos to Bansky and his ilk.


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