28 July 2005

The Gospel (Good news!) (BR)

Bring 'em home!

Pull U.S. troops out of Iraq? What a great idea!

Wish the Democrats had thought of it.

So General Casey says it might be a good idea to get our fighting men the hell out of Iraq. The Pentagon and Congress say setting timetables for withdrawal hurts the mission, but Casey went ahead and said that Spring and Summer of next year will do just fine.

It's an ingenious political move. A year from now, public hostility to the war will be nearing some sort of saturation point, and, coincidentally, the provisional government will have the spine of a Constitution to prop it up. Without having to admit that traditional armed forces, even the most powerful and noble in the world, can't contain a guerilla insurgency in the desert, we can leave Iraq an independent republic with the veneer of law and order, and George Bush will look, to the most cursory of glances, somewhat like Stephen Hawking. The Republicans, of course, will be the winners of the Gulf War, Part Deux and the Dems will have the well-earned rep of lilly-livered naysayers.

America will have won, and the Democrats will not have helped.

The de facto leftist party didn't allow any of its power-brokers to oppose the war until we were entrenched for a year, in election season, and then we could only quibble with the nuances of tactics and planning. Never could we debate the underlying morality of the fight. Mother Jones doesn't count.

This will give future administrations license to engage in lunkheaded war-making such as Bush has done, and we can drag the glory of the Iraq conflict (Jesus Christ...) like errant toilet paper on our shoes as we plunge into future police actions.

We can only pray for enlightenment.

Excuse me, I've got to go hang out with the guys who were rooting for us to lose.


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