19 July 2005

A Healthy Jaunt To The Land of "How ISN'T this Make-believe?" (CS)

Begging for a diversion from The Media vs. Scott McClellan vs. Democrats vs. Rove? Look no further....

So Lil' Kim is suing some guy called Lil' Cease for illegal use of her name in some DVD called "The Chronicles of Junior M.A.F.I.A. part II: Reloaded" Does anyone else find it a little confusing that people who are into such silly kid-like names and titles are involved in cases of shootings and gangs?

Some guy thinks he's mathematically figured out that there's a 97% probability that Jesus was resurrected. After all that math and calculus, do you think he'd cry when any philosopher, thelogian, or kid with a B.A. that was at least half awake in their Con. West class could tell him that his first two assumptions are a bunch of hooey? What if there's more than one god or what if they misunderstood some other god to be the God he's basing all his calculations on? What if god existed but died before Jesus? And as for becoming incarnate what if he did become incarnate, but as some guy that we never heard of? Or as the buddha? Or as some guy on the moon, just to see what it'd be like to die as a human on the moon? Bet he didn't factor that one in.

While it's pretty cool that birds are capable of imitating ring tones, i do wish they had the sense not to. As if we weren't putting enough cramp in nature's style already....

And somewhat getting back to Mr. HotShot Mathmetician from before.... What if God was teapot???


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