10 July 2005

Quickies (CS)

Just a couple items that caught my eye....

--- Click here or here to see why animals are pretty damn awesome (and now i feel bad for calling the cat stupid).

--- Salman Rushdie wrote an op-ed about the "honor and shame" cultures of India and Pakistan. It'll probably make you cringe, but somebody had to say it.

--- The estate tax is up for debate yet again. Personally, I think taxes are good. Yeh, what you earn, you have earned. Yeah, we hate seeing those damned deductions that go along with every paycheck. But is it such a bad thing if billionaires pay just a little bit extra, even relatively? Isn't that at least far better tahn the POOR paying a little bit extra relatively? Is there no such thing as social responsibility? Social citizenship? And isn't it about time we worried a little less about how much we were getting taxed and a little more about how and where that tax money was being used?

--- And finally, it seems that we are already feeling the probably adverse effects of the Supreme Court's ruling that journalists must give up their sources in the event of related federal prosecution or face charges of civil contempt. In many cases, and in any case that matters, it takes a lot of guts for a whistleblower to step up and expose wrongdoing. By all means, they should be encouraged to come forward in a court of law in order to further confirm allegations and prosecute those that deserve it. But with this new standard, many stories won't even have the chance to come to light. How many stories and dirty dealings will slip under the radar now that reporters must choose between jail and stooling on a whistleblower already risking his or her neck?