16 July 2005

Apparantly I Hate Families (CS)

Coming right on the heels of and relating to a post I made Thursday, I read in the times that Christian conservatives plan on having a telecast to criticize the Supreme Court and drag the whole "culture war" bag into the public conversation. Once again, the connection is emphasized by these organizations, not explicitly but simply by force of repitition, that by making rulings that keep religion out of law the Court is restricting religion and that by restricting religion they are destroying families. As Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, puts it, "This is about the future of the country, it is about our families, it is about the freedom of religion."
Well yeah, Tony, anyone can just go ahead and say that. But do you really think that the ACLU, who The Family Research Council no doubt reviles, would not stand up for you as well if they felt your freedom to practice the religion of your choice was in question? The freedom of religion is supposed to protect all religions, not just the Christian ones. And it's duly noted that this telecast is supposed to include one Jewish commentator, but how about Muslims and Hindus and hell, why not Zorastarians and Satanists (they're really not all that bad, i promise)?
And how come if it's about religion, it's always automatically about families? There aren't non-practicing or agnostic or even atheist families out there? The only way someone could possibly have a family is within Christianity?
I will agree with one thing though, it certainly is about the future of this country. Of course, how could it not. But as Spain, England, and Canada continue to enact more progressive social legislation,


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