01 November 2006

I'm John Kerry and I'm a Total Goon (BR)
Because blowing one election wasn't enough, I guess

I did not vote for Sen. Kerry (Idiot-MA) for President in 2004, for a number of reasons. The foremost being my fondness for Ralph Nader, secondarily, my residence status in a state he was to win handily anyway, but also for his proneness to gaffes that -- Lord knows how -- made him look even dumber than his opponent. To wit:

It sounds awful, indeed, it truly is awful, even if the context is being stretched to fit the GOP's last-ditch agitprop push to hold on to the Congress next Tuesday. When I first heard the clip I figured Kerry was referring to the poverty draft, the virtual Hobson's choice between squalor, privation and crime or military service faced by so many low-income Americans. It's a real problem, and broaching the matter in public has nothing to do with a belief that our troops are retards, which is basically what the right wing has distilled Kerry's remark down to.

Kerry apologized this morning, but he should have left it there. Instead he went on to offer a highly suspect equivocation, parroted by the left's own echo chamber, that he was referring to President Bush as "stuck in Iraq." As we all know, Bush is not stuck there, our troops are. Bush is just in a jam. He does not need to worry about death or disfigurement and wouldn't even face removal from office by a Democrat-controlled Congress. No, Kerry made a poorly-worded reference to the over-representation of the lower-middle class and poor in the military, a subject about which we need to have a national dialogue. The shame is that he then lied about it.

All that being said, however, I find the outrage coming from the Republicans to be highly disingenuous. Just over a month ago, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, our very own President described the deaths of our troops in Iraq as a "comma" in the broader scope of history:

Conservative bloggers completely ignored this fairly shocking assessment, much as the left-o-sphere are currently twiddling and pretending Kerry didn't say what he said. And maybe it's the liberal kool-aid talking, but I'm way more inclined to believe that Bush, not Kerry, is the one with the callous view and valuation of the U.S. soldier.

But the truth is I've had quite enough of both of these douchebags.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gads. I did vote for him, but his time is gone now, and he needs to STFU and move on.

11/01/2006 7:29 PM  

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