02 June 2005

They May As Well Be Illiterate (CS)

So Human Events (The Conservative Weekly Since 1944!!) listed what they consider The Most Harmful Books of the 19th AND 20th Centuries!!!! Of course, to most people with a modicum of intelligence it comes across more like a required reading list. Feminists, scientists, and metaphysicists all make the list But I guess when all is said and done, Communists are still public enemy number one, as Marx not only makes the list twice, but edges out Hitler for the #1 spot. I guess these are the same people that would label the Abraham Lincoln Brigade as "pre-mature anti-fascists." (The ALB, for those of you to lazy to read up on it, were Americans who went to fight for the democratic gov't in Spain against Franco, Mussolini, and Hitler).
One of the most disturbing portions of the list is it's "Honorable Mention" (although... Wouldn't it actually be a dishonarable mention to them??). On it is of course Darwin (who i'm suprised doesn't make the top 10) and John Stuart Mill's On Liberty. How in the hell does On Liberty, one of the most thoughtful books on social citizenship, qualify as Harmful? Is it cuz he advocated freedom of opinion? Perhaps it was his chapter promoting "Thought and Discussion" that they found so offensive. In fact, anyone that hasn't read On Liberty should for that very chapter.
The reasons why a conversation between most conservatives and people that can read with a discerning eye become apparant with a list like this. It's no wonder that me and my grandmother can never see eye to eye. She'd probably rather pick up the Sean Hannity book advertised on the sidebar.