30 May 2005

In With A Bang, Out With A Whimper? (CS)

Today was Memorial Day. Obviously, especially for those of you that had the day off. The cacophony of partisan bickering in politics hardly quiets down, but just enough for the occassional moments of reflection. Actually, despite being stuck in a bloody war halfway around the world, It seemed more taken as a free day for BBQ-ing by most rather than a day to hang your flag and watch a parade. I'm not saying that the world should stop to think about the mounting death toll, just noting that aside from those hyper-politically/world event aware, or those with friends/family they knew in the armed forces, there seemed little consideration from the people I observed, despite the situation our country and our soldiers are in.
Gary Trudeau and I believe Dan Rather list the dead in their respective mediums. I believe Rather was called unpatriotic for doing so last year, I doubt he'll get as much criticism this year....
I don't have anything particular to contribute here. This Memorial Day has been particularly confusing and depressing. There is no end in sight to this war, "major combat operations" be damned. So what the hell happens now? When does it end anyway? I will give it this... It was a beautiful day out today here in the city.

I've been listening a lot to A Silver Mt. Zion's latest release and I feel like the "side project" has all of a sudden surpassed the "original" cuz I like this better than not only previous Mt. Zion records, but also better than Godspeed. Anyway, here's some lyrics from the first track of the album for today:

There's fresh meat in the club tonight
God bless our dead marines
Someone had an accident above the burning trees
While somewhere distant, peacefully
Our vulgar princes sleep
Dead kids dont get photographed
God bless this century


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