27 May 2005

Rome is Babbling (CS)

So i've only seen his show twice and i probably won't ever again since i've given up TV priveleges, but I still catch the occasional Jim Rome clip thanks to ESPN.com's little on sight clip player they have and i just have to ask, does anyone honestly like this asshole? It seems that all he does is find as many people and stories he can tear apart, make fun of, or be terrible about. Perhaps every once in a while Rome will give some credit where credit is due, but this is always overshadowed by the overwhelming negativity. Rome's 15 minutes came and went when he pissed of Jim Everett enough to get attacked, now he's trying to extend that image of being an inciteful (is that a word? cuz it's a good pun, no?) jerk into a professional career.
And of course, when you base your entire schtick around being a reactionary asshole, you're going to wind up eating your words. And when you're as big of a dick as Rome, you're going to be doing it on a daily basis. After game one of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals, Rome totally attacked Dwayne Wade, saying that other writers have been way too fast to praise Wade considering the poor preformance he had just had against Detroit. After game two, however, Rome was back to calling Wade "one of the greats." There's no denying that Wade is an extraordinary player..... And Sports commentators may be guilty of a bit of hyperbole with Flash.... But that's just part of the job. The problem with Rome is that he's all over the place and going out of his way to be a jerk while doing it. What's worse, he seemed to be admonishing Shaq for his becoming a sheriff recently (which is a funny story in itself) and criticized the big man for saying he wanted to work undercover. Rome didn't think that one of the biggest joke makers in the NBA today was just being a little silly when he said that?
In the world of sports commentary, Rome borders on the absolutely delusional. Any chance he's the lost son of Skip Bayless?

And as long as I'm on the sports kick, here's a nice feature on one of baseball's legends who started his 30th season yesterday in San Diego and now I regret missing a chance to see him play recently in Newark.


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