03 July 2007

Gimme a break.................. (CS)

Of course everyone is going to write about this filth. It is, to me, the winning stroke for George W. Bush's bid for the worst President in American history. In the words of Armagideon Time: "Congratulations, Mr. President. There is no bar for venality set so low that you can't find a way to slither underneath it."

Two blog posts really brought home how truly disgusting and foolish a man the President has proven himself with this action. Matt Cooper points out that,
Scooter Libby was indicted by a Bush-appointed prosecutor who was given his authority by the Bush Justice Department and then a Bush-appointed judge presided while a jury of his peers convicted him on four of five counts...The appelate court, loaded with such noted liberals as Reagan appointee David Sentelle, denied his appeals. Where is the miscarriage of justice that required a president, notoriously stingy with pardons, to swoop in?

Cynical-C Blog dredged up an Atlantic Online artice from 2003 which showed Bush's tendency towards this sort of thing... or rather his lack-thereof. Of the 153 cases/executions brought before GW Bush during his tenure in Texas, he showed mercy just once. 150 men and two women and only one was worthy of such benevolence... and it wasn't the mentally retarded Terry Washington.

A lot of people will say, "Well, we shouldn't be surprised. Libby was never going to do time." In a way they're right. The worst is what we've come to expect from this, the worst of presidencies. But it is no less depressing then had it been a complete surprise. It is even worse as this feels like the final stroke against the possibility of seeing the right thing done in this country. As if it were the final proclamation that even when some form of justice might be done, these crooks and their cronies will find a way to slither free.

Too often we see the rich buy their way out of justice. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has been quoted recenty as saying that, "It is fundamental to the rule of law that all citizens stand before the bar of justice as equals." After this incident I sincerely think Fitzgerald's hope will not be so with Bush and those around him and I wonder how much damage this King of American Failures has really done to justice, to the presidency, and to the country.


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