01 December 2006

Arianna Huffington is My Homegirl (BR)

The title of Arianna's blog today on HuffPo:
Tenacious D(emocracy): Let's Have Iraqis Vote on US Troops in Iraq.

Where have I heard that before?

Oh, right.

In my own head, as I wrote it more than a month ago. No sour grapes as I'm sure Arianna has never heard of us; on the contrary, I'm glad this idea is gaining traction:
The answer to all of our troubles is a national referendum in Iraq. One question. To our Iraqi readers -- ha! -- I would ask that you read and consider carefully. The future of your country rests (or fidgets nervously) upon your answer.

1. Should the US military:

* a) maintain its current troop presence in Iraq;
* b) increase its troop presence;
* c) draw down its presence to a small force positioned near the Iraqi border to assist in emergency;
* d) gradually but completely withdraw based on a predetermined timetable, or
* e) withdraw immediately?
This'll probably be the last y'all hear from me until Monday, in the meantime do please go check out HCGal's phenomenal treatise -- titled simply "Leaving" -- and let her know how beautiful it is.

Also enjoy this:

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