08 November 2006

Well, that didn't take long (BR)
New York Democrats rediscover the joy of cannibalism

Someone had to be the first to note a dark lining in last night's silver cloud, and Jerome Armstrong at MyDD, a blog I frequent frequently, stepped up to the plate, airing rather legitimate beefs with Spitzer and other top-of-the-ticket New York Democrats' failure to share their respective campaign largesses with progessives running for state offices.

Quoth the Voice:
It struck some Democrats as odd that in such a Democratic year, with top Dems like Eliot Spitzer cruising to victory with money to spare (In their final pre-primary reports, Spitzer/Paterson had about $8 million in the bank, Alan Hevesi $4 million), that more wasn't done to unseat the Republicans in the city.
Yeah, true that. Especially in a year where the Democrats look poised to take hold of a majority of state legislatures, that the New York State Senate remained Republican, despite Spitzer and Hillary winning supermajorities and even admitted felon Hevesi somehow reelected to State Comptroller.

What I don't get is this:
I think all the '12 chatter about Spitzer just got flushed.
I'm sorry, were people already speculating about New York's governor-elect running for president -- in 2012? I didn't vote for Spitzer, but I really don't understand placing the blame for sluggish Dem performances in state races on his shoulders. Armstrong notes Spitzer had $8 million in his war chest for a race he ultimately won by 40 points.

But in the next sentence he has Hevesi with $4 million on hand, and in an election where an alliterative slogan -- that's "culture of corruption," for you just tuning in -- drew more people to vote for Democrats than even the Iraq war, perhaps the state party's failure to strongarm Hevesi out of his extra cash is the real schander, as my bagel-eating brethren might put it.


Blogger Station Agent said...

All the '12 chatter? Man. We're fighting for our lives here and they're nit picking Elliot's huge landslide?

11/09/2006 1:26 PM  

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