12 March 2006

Comics Roundup 3/12

Back in action after a while. There's a lot of crap I guess I could try to catch up on (the new Spider Suit, One Year Later, Civil War, etc) But I think I'll just jot down whatever comes to my head (which will most likely be whatever gave me particular delight).

The Thing
#4 was just chock-full-o goodness. It had action, humor, a sequence involving taking children to the race track and The Inhumans. I'm a sucker for the Inhumans, particularly Lockjaw and Blackbolt. All those folks out there complaining about the lack of good-natured comics and worrying about character makeovers ala Brubaker and Morrison (no I am not one of these people) must love this Dan Slott fellow. I simply love him cuz if you give me a panel featuring Lockjaw communicating with Black Bolt you're pretty secure in my good graces.

And I know I said I probably wouldn't comment on Infinite Crisis but....

Look at this one panel. I realize the art is shooting for Superman and Wonder Woman being upset in the face of Earth-Two Superman's realization but....
Doesn't it look more like they just feel REALLY awkward and are trying to look anywhere except right at Earth-2 Superman? I was just waiting for (our) Superman to but in "Well... uh... that's great buddy, but we really should be going.... Hope ya feel better!!!" and shoot off, yknow, faster than a speeding bullet and all that.

I recently heard about an interesting little comic in production called Punks: The Comic. The style looks cool and it features a fist, a skull, a dog, and Abraham Frikken Lincoln. Recipe for success right there. However, looking at the depictions, there's one thing that pisses me off.... Abraham Lincoln as one of those tight pants, hipster/punk assholes? No, I don't think so. That is NOT Abe. MY Abraham Lincoln is more from the Brandon Bird mind's eye... Kicking ass in cage matches in a way that would make Charles Bronson proud.... Or practicing Aikido. Bottom line, Abraham Lincoln should be able to kick my ass.

I'm a sucker for Swamp Thing. Don't ask me why or how, cuz I'm not all too certain myself (aside from the obvious fascination with a swamp monster/man). He's one of the few characters I could see consistantly collecting, much like Captain America (barring any terrible mishaps like Judd Winnick coming on to write and giving Swamp Thing AIDS). They keep having Eric Powell do the covers which is, as i've said, a match made in heaven. And the most recent issue was a damn fine read. Between this and Brubaker's Captain America, I could make myself content ignoring the debacle Winnick has produced with one of my other favorites, Green Arrow.

The comic that kicks ALL the asses though? Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #3. I realize it's only March but I wouldn't be suprised if this winds up being the coolest single issue I read all year. A 4-Armed Bride of Frankenstein, meat eating savage cows, and crazy government experimental madness are only some of the craziness you'll find in there. Let me put it this way.... The cover features Frankenstein weidling his weapons against an army of crazed, evil gerbils, bunny rabbits, and other little cute animals foaming at the mouth and with beady little red eyes.... AND THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS WITHIN THE COMIC. Does it get much more Awesome than that?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you..... Sissy Bob.


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