17 February 2006

Rise From Your Grave....

Holy crap! Where have we (I) been! It's been decades, EONS, since anyone posted on this godforsaken blog.
I sort of have an excuse. My computer got busted when a faulty radiator decided to spew steam and water all over my room. Thank you crappy landlords! But I have had the computer back for about 2 weeks now and I'm not even posting this particular post on my own computer. So yknow, so much for excuses.
Expect some content in the future though. More comic books, more lamenting about the state of robots in society (no really), more talk of the Rangers (once they get back on the ice and away from these boring, boring olympics). And maybe, just maybe, some riled up angry political posts like the days of old. No promises though.
Though I did read a good (and almost inspiring if it weren't so depressing) editorial by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone (so that's where he ran off to after getting squeezed out of the NYPress). In it he points out how the generation in charge (this is including the Bush administration, their friends, and the majority of the big time CEOs out there) have been defined by their corruption. So much to the point that any further corruption is met with a yawn, a sigh, and an "of course" by anyone who has taken the time to pay attention (and these are the people that are usually worked up about this sort of stuff!).
So what are our options when everyone we give the wheel to is already (or soon to be) under the influence? What sort of action is there left to take? Discuss amongst yourselves, I'm off to take a half bottle of Dayquil (for I too am corrupt.... with the flu).