08 May 2005

The Terror of the Technological Age (CS)

Google went down for a couple of hours yesterday (requires registration). I was trying to use it and was shocked to see that it was down. I almost didn't know what to do. Sure, there are other search engines, but are you actually going to use them when google is available? and if google were to dissapear completely (knock on wood) i'm sure you would all miss it and curse yahoo's ugly face.
To make matters worse, I had to check my gmail too and that was down even longer. (i know, "boohoo, poor craig couldn't reach his e-mail for a couple of hours, let's put together some rock groups and have a relief effort for all his trials and tribulations")
For me, it was just yet another reminder of being ruined by modern convenience. The old phrase is "necessity is the mother of invention" but i think i once saw it put as "invention is the mother of necessity" (I can't remember if it was in Guns, Germs and Steel or Ishmael). The more great gadgets, technological advances, etc that we get, the less skills i think we honestly have, the more dependent we actually are on our tools rather than ourselves.
Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff. I have this "blog" for chrissake and when it comes to gmail i think that's one type of homogenization i actually support (everyone should just get an account as Firstname.Lastname@gmail.com so i can friggen remember how to send you e-mail easily). So y'know, it's a real love/hate thing i have going on with the modern world.
I guess all i'm trying to say is "Dear google, don't leave me again. I love you, baby. We'll be together, forever.... Especially once i upload my self into your datastream (or some such nonsense)"


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