05 May 2005

I *heart* Free Stuff (part II of III) (CS)

(part I being the "Free Comic Book Day" posts, i suppose....)

Fellow New Yorkers, I implore you to begin reading, regularly, my favorite free weekly, New York Press.
I mean not for this call to go out solely to New Yorkers (the publication is available to everyone online, god bless you Technology) because of course there's always an article or two that could be considered "something for everyone." And sure, The L Magazine has its great articles too, a better music section, and its mid-magazine coupons are pretty conducive to any New Yorker's mission toward becoming an alcoholic. But no paper seems so directly concerned with the issues of New York itself as NYPress.

Their News Hole has the most well written Crime Blotter around, columnists are always sure to point out Bloomberg's latest fuckups, and their 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers is becoming a notorious yearly feature. Even an article on the importance of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is careful to point out the debate's ramifications for New Yorkers specifically. Most importantly, though, I have seen no publication dedicated to investigating, outing, and criticizing the crapification of New York, an issue very near and dear to my heart (NB: I realize i am not the first to use "crapification" but i think i MIGHT be the first to use it in reference to NY, anyone wanna check for me?)
And really, what other free weekly are you going to pick up? (not that you shouldn't grab them all, they're free!) The New York Blade is a bit too specialized in scope and if you're going to ratio its weight to its enlightening content, The Voice is trash. Let's face it, The Voice has gotten so full of itself and tiresomely liberal that it almost justifies the gripes from the right about "whining libruls" and even occasionally prints pieces that are reactionary to itself (and does anyone actually read that Dulce Musto crap??). Granted, I'll take Dan Savage over Judy McGuire any day and they still carry Tony Millionaire and Tom The Dancing Bug, but even in comics NYPress has The Voice trumped with Perry Bible Fellowship alone.

So if you care about this city as much as I do and want to keep abreast of the issues that concern it (and be pretty entertained in the process) poke around NYPress a bit. At the very least, we can all wind up joining the conversation in its pages (inspired by a column by Matt Taibbi) about how much Thomas Friedman sucks.


Blogger ORF said...

Not to be contrarian, but the NYPress is just a bunch of whiners who are pissed they didn't get hired by the Voice. They should just suck it. And also, I don't care what anyone says, Tom Friedman is awesome. Awesome.

In closing, you should submit "crapification" to Safire's "On Language" column. He's a total sleuth on those puppies!

5/06/2005 12:00 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

I can see how a lot of people say that about NYPress, especially when they start specifically making gripes about The Voice and The Times and whatnot, but i'm not sure i buy it.
Besides, I think my point still stands that no one seems to be as on top of and critical of poor city planning, especially Bloomberg's stadium/olympics bullshit.

5/09/2005 8:34 PM  
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