25 April 2005

In Honor of Free Comic Book Day (CS)

The issue of gay marriage isn't exactly near and dear to me from a self interest standpoint. I myself am not gay and of my gay friends I don't know any that are remotely entertaining the idea of marriage (to my knowledge). But for some reason it's an issue i get worked up over sometimes. Why? Well putting the totally absurd argument over the "sanctity of marriage" aside, as an argument of states rights versus federal rights, I don't see why this shouldn't qualify as a basic civil rights issue that should apply to any citizen under the constitution. It's a debate I won't particularly get into right now, as I would like to get to the inspiration of this post.....this panel from the latest issue of Ex Machina (a comic of DC's Wildstorm division) that particularly spoke to me:

Ex Machina Issue #10, Mayor Hundred

I don't mean for that panel to speak for the comic as a whole either. Ex Machina itself is a fantastic book and I think, personally, the best monthly out there right now. The art is good and the writing is excellent and it's even up for several Eisner Awards (essentially the Oscars of Comic Books). Plus, it's pretty cool and interesting that the hero of the story happens to be the mayor of New York (he just happens to have the ability to control machines, but he's promised the government he wouldn't use it anymore). In the same way that it'd probably be more fun to have a wise cracking Martin Sheen as our president than the stumbling, sputtering GW Bush, seeing Mayor Hundred do his thing makes you realize how shafted we are with Mayor Mike. But with a book like this, at least we can dream of a better alternative.
So if you're into a great story that incorporates history, politics (especially that of New York City), science fiction, and/or the idea of where a hero fits in to our society, I'd highly recommend picking up The First Hundered Days and getting started there. You can order it here or, better yet, support your local comic book store.


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